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Tropical Elementary puts forward a strong emphasis on Mathematics acquisition during the primary grades.  All grades begin their day with Daily Math Warm-Up Activities.  During this time, students have a chance to freshen up their basic skills and ask for clarification if need be. 

Mathematics competitions instill a healthy dose of competition, while provoking enthusiasm for mathematics learning in our students.  Two Mathematics competitions for 2nd-5th grades are organized each year in school.  Every year Tropical’s 3rd-5th grade students participate in the V-Math Live competition, offered through Voyager, where students have the opportunity to compete with other students around the country.  Students take turns going on-line and competing in short mathematics competitions against the other students.

Technology is a strong means used to enhance our mathematics program.  The computer program, FAST MATH, is installed in every classroom school wide.  Teachers have access to assign each student to a level that is appropriate for them, along with the specific skills they want each student to be reviewing. This program is used mostly as an intervention for those students performing below grade level.  Teachers have the opportunity to monitor student progress through available reports.

All of Tropical’s 5th grade students are registered on the Achiever Program for Mathematics and Science Instruction.  The students are automatically placed on their appropriate levels and moved on as progress is determined.  Teachers can also pull out reports available to progress their individual growth.

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At Tropical we incorporate a variety of hands-on activities using manipulative to help students fully understand the math skills taught using the new Florida Standards. Science is incorporated in all aspects of the curriculum. But most importantly, the strong focus on hands-on experiments is what helps students relate Science to the every day world around them. Technology is a strong means used to enhance our mathematics and science program.

The fully equipped Spectrum Science Lab is used during after school hours by our Academic Excellence students.  This lab consists of seven stations containing “missions” in each grade level.  By following a rotation schedule, all students will perform each of the 7 investigations for their grade level.

In addition, the Science Coach facilitates an experiment in the Science Lab each month with each 3rd-5th grade class that is an extension lesson to the benchmark being covered in class.

Twice a year, Tropical’s students participate in a Science Feud Game.  Teams of second through fifth grade students are chosen to compete.  The competitions become major school events. The other classes watch the competition and rally on.  Through activities like this one, we are promoting enthusiasm for Science Learning along with school spirit.

Tropical’s 5th grade students are registered on the Achiever Computer Program, where they practice their Science skills and teachers can track their progress.

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